ZOOM! Teeth Whitening: Dr. Brian G. Sanford, Henderson, NV Dentist

Are you looking for a safe, effective, and fast way to whiten your smile? When it comes to teeth whitening in Henderson, NV, there’s no doubt about it --- people like the results of ZOOM! teeth whitening. Not only is this option for whitening your smile considered fast and safe, but it’s also highly effective in dramatically whitening your smile. Commercial whitening strips and toothpaste can help you brighten your smile, but the results aren’t anywhere near as effective as ZOOM!

A white smile nowadays is as popular as eyebrow waxing. Teeth whitening is becoming part of the beauty routine, like going for a haircut. Thankfully, teeth whitening lasts longer than a haircut. And like a great cut can boost your spirits and self-confidence, it feels great to smile knowing that your teeth look clean and white.

Some of our patients use at-home whitening kits --- and they can work well. But, ZOOM! is done in about an hour with a light-activated powerful whitening gel that does a fantastic job of whitening your teeth here in our office in a single appointment. It’s perfect for busy professionals.

Many of our patients listen to music or read while their teeth are whitened in our relaxing stress-free dental office.

Do You Feel Good About Your Smile?

There are many things that can impact the color of your smile. Time, foods, smoking, wine, coffee, heredity, the list goes on. If you want dramatically whiter teeth, the best person to help you attain that goal is your dentist. Dr. Sanford and his team get great reviews for comfortable stress-free dentistry and effective results that can boost your confidence. Call today to book an appointment for ZOOM! teeth whitening and feel free to ask for a smile makeover consultation if there are smile imperfections that you’d like to explore options for.