Dr. Brian G. Sanford: Henderson, NV Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, there’s no better resource than your dentist. Henderson, NV dentist Dr. Brian G. Sanford offers safe and highly effective teeth whitening options, including in-office laser teeth whitening treatments and teeth whitening kits that you can take home.

Safely Whiten Your Teeth

Yes, there is an entire section of teeth whitening kits at Henderson, NV department stores, and supermarkets as well as pharmacies. But, nothing is going to be as effective or as safe as what your dentist can do. Whether you want in-office laser teeth whitening in Henderson, NV or are interested in teeth whitening treatments you can take home, Dr. Sanford can help.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

Discoloration happens due to what we eat and drink, there’s a genetic element, and there’s aging that comes into play, too. Professional strength whitening products can do a much better job of whitening or bleaching your smile and can even help you eliminate stains due to medication, which is a common problem.

Where stains can’t easily be removed by professional whitening products, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers can also be an option worth considering.

Book a Consultation for Teeth Whitening in Henderson, NV

Dr. Sanford has a great track record of satisfied patients who have seen their teeth transformed to several shades whiter. Are you looking for great options to safely whiten your teeth? Contact us for an appointment and learn more about options for teeth whitening treatments in Henderson, NV. We can also help you with teeth straightening options, such as Six Month Smiles.