Dr. Brian G. Sanford: Henderson, NV Oral Surgery | Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Bone Grafting, Dental Implants, and More

Dr. Brian G. Sanford and his dental team offer a variety of options in the category of oral surgery. Henderson, NV patients, can get several procedures done right here in our dental office, including periodontal laser therapy, tooth extractions, and more.

Every patient having a procedure done is treated with care. We strive to put you at ease with information to prepare you for your procedure as well as for the post-operative phase when you recover from that procedure. With today’s dental technology, there are more minimally invasive options than ever, and many procedures are done with lasers, eliminating the need for sutures and eliminating associated discomfort.

Henderson, NV Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Some wisdom tooth extractions are very straight forward. Other times, they’re more complex. Dr. Sanford would be happy to provide you with a consultation to discuss extraction of wisdom teeth.

A Multitude of Dental Procedure Options in a Gentle and Relaxing Environment

Oral surgery is something we do well here, and we have many positive dental reviews testifying to that fact.

Everyone at our Henderson dental office strives to make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed at every appointment. Whether you are in Dr. Sanford’s chair for a dental exam and cleaning, getting a root canal, having your teeth whitened, or you’re having another surgical procedure, Oral Cancer screening, or cosmetic procedure, we leverage the latest in dental technology for minimally invasive options wherever possible. Call for your appointment.