Oral Cancer Screening | Dr. Brian G. Sanford, Henderson, NV Dentist

When it comes to Oral Cancer screening, Henderson, NV residents can count on Dr. Brian G. Sanford and his dental team. Painless Oral Cancer screening could save your life.

Shining a Light on Oral Cancer

Early intervention of Oral Cancer offers the best chance of recovery. An oral health screening from our team can shine a light, literally, on anything areas of potential concern, enabling further investigation. Not all anomalies point to Oral Cancer, but every anomaly should be investigated, and early intervention can maximize your chances of recovery, should you get an Oral Cancer diagnosis.

Not all cancers have obvious symptoms. Oral Cancer is one of the cancers that can escalate without your knowledge. Risk factors include being a smoker, having a history of Cancer in your family, or regularly consuming alcohol. It’s advantageous to ask your dentist about screening if you notice significant changes to your oral health, too. Mouth sores or other sudden changes warrant a trip to your dentist.

Dr. Sanford’s Henderson, NV Dental Office: Working Hard for Your Health

In addition to oral cancer screening, our Henderson, NV dental team also screens for periodontal disease, which can help you avoid unnecessary tooth loss as well as a myriad of systemic links that could put your health at risk. Book a dental examination today. In addition to x-rays and a dental cleaning that could help you preserve your smile, Dr. Sanford and his team can provide oral cancer screening services that could save your life. Oral Cancer screening is quick and painless. Talk to us about it at your next appointment.

Had any health changes? Your dentist should know about it. Talk to us if you’ve had recent heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis diagnosis. These issues can directly impact your oral health, and your oral health diligence can help you stop oral bacteria from exacerbating certain other health problems, too.