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Your dental examinations are generally accompanied by teeth cleaning. Henderson, NV dentist Dr. Brian G. Sanford, offers laser teeth cleaning. This option is considered cutting edge, offering some great benefits, including plaque and tartar removal as well as eradication of oral bacteria.

About Our Henderson, NV Laser Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Laser teeth cleaning, also known as ultrasonic teeth cleanings, have some great benefits, especially when compared to traditional manual teeth cleaning methods.

Manual teeth cleaning involves polishing and scraping the teeth to remove plaque and tartar. Patients tend to find this to be one of their least favorite aspects of a dental cleaning. But, it’s a necessity to remove these deposits, of course, for the good of your smile. At Dr. Sanford’s office, we regularly upgrade our dental technology for the best results possible. We want your smile healthy, we want great results, and it benefits all of us if your appointments are faster and more comfortable, too.

Laser teeth cleaning can be likened to the difference between a manual toothbrush and an electric one. This is a pain-free cleaning method for your teeth that can quickly and painlessly clean your teeth, offering a much more thorough end result in a shorter amount of time, without the sound or sensation of scraping.

Clean Teeth, Healthy Teeth, Beautiful Smiles

Laser dental therapy is increasingly used in our Henderson, NV dental office. Dr. Sanford uses it in periodontal disease treatment (LANAP Therapy), and other dental services, too.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about teeth cleaning or other dental procedures offered in our dental office, we are taking on new patients, we have an excellent reputation, and we look forward to seeing your smile.

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