Henderson, NV Endodontics | Dr. Brian G. Sanford

Do you need a root canal? When it comes to root canals in Henderson, NV., Dr. Brian G. Sanford has an excellent reputation as a gentle dentist. The idea of a root canal might have you squirming uncomfortably, but this is often used as a way to save a tooth from extraction. At Dr. Sanford’s dental practice, we offer gentle root canal therapy and beautiful custom dental crowns.

About Root Canals

A root canal involves a very deep cavity. The deep filling is done to remove decay, roots are removed, medicine is put in, and then the tooth is filled. After a root canal, you’ll need to have a dental crown put in place.

Why Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

Because so much of the tooth is removed during a root canal, all that remains is a tooth that has a very thin shell with filling material inside. This puts the tooth at risk of breakage. A dental crown can stabilize that tooth, ensuring your root canal efforts are not done in vain. Many people who opt to forego the dental crown after their root canal find themselves with a cracked tooth within a short amount of time.

We provide custom-crafted crowns with great results that fit seamlessly into your smile.

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