Dr. Brian G. Sanford: Digital Dental X-Rays

At the Henderson, NV dental office of Brian G. Sanford, we believe in using the latest in dental technology to help our patients. It’s also extremely beneficial when that technology also helps us streamline our internal processes. If you are looking for a dentist that uses digital dental x-rays, our Henderson, NV dental office is equipped with digital dental x-ray technology.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

A digital dental x-ray exposes patients to far less radiation than traditional x-rays. About 70 % less. While traditional x-rays are considered safe, many feel much better about the fact that there’s significantly less exposure to radiation when you get x-rays at Dr. Sanford’s dental office in Henderson, NV.

Digital dental x-rays also mean on-screen instant development, which translates to easy sharing of information between dental offices when referrals happen. This option is kinder to the environment, also.

Dr. Sanford’s Henderson Dental Office: Technology and Gentle Dentistry

In addition to a digital dental x-rays, Henderson, NV dental patients benefit from a multitude of technology advancements. Our team believes in continuous improvement and regularly upgrades knowledge as well as our internal procedures and equipment in order to best serve our patients.

Interested in a dental examination or cosmetic dentistry consultation? Dr. Sanford and his team have a great reputation for gentle dentistry in a stress-free environment. We also get great grades from Henderson and area families for beautiful smiles. Whether you need urgent dental care, want to schedule a cleaning and dental examination, or are interested in a smile makeover, we look forward to talking to you.