Dr. Brian G. Sanford | Dentures in Henderson, NV

Is it time for replacement dentures? Or, are you considering dentures for the first time? Dr. Brian G. Sanford is a Henderson, NV dentist with an excellent reputation for natural looking and comfortable dentures. Henderson, NV patients, give him rave reviews for comfortable dentistry, great customer service, and a beautiful and functional smile that can be life-changing.

Reasons to Consider Dentures

False teeth don’t look so false nowadays. Today’s dentures look natural and can even take years off your look. Do you have missing teeth? Do you have severe decay? Is eating causing pain? Does lack of teeth leave your face looking older by giving it a slightly sunken look? Do you regularly battle toothaches? Dentures might not be your first choice, but if you are considering your options for improving your smile, they could be the right option for you. They could be life-changing and confidence boosting.

Dr. Sanford would be happy to help you explore a variety of options for smile restoration, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.

If you take good care of your dentures, they will serve you well. Dentures require daily maintenance to ensure you avoid mouth sores, gum pain, mouth odor, and bad tastes in the mouth. Dr. Sanford educates all new denture wearers on best practices for daily denture maintenance.

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Are you ready to explore natural-looking comfortable dentures or denture alternatives, such as dental implants? Dr. Sanford would be happy to help you find the best option for your smile, your oral health, and your budget. Make an appointment today.