Dental Bridges | Dr. Brian G. Sanford, Henderson, NV Dentist

Dr. Brian G. Sanford and his Henderson, NV dental team offer a variety of options for dental bridges. Henderson, NV patients can get traditional dental bridges as well as cantilever dental bridges or Maryland bridges.

Traditional Dental Bridges:

This dental bridge leverages crowns that fit over teeth on either side of a missing tooth with a prosthetic tooth in the center. It bridges the gap in your mouth.

Cantilever Bridges:

Henderson, NV dental patients with a bridge that is supported on one end, rather than both ends, have a cantilever bridge.

Henderson, NV Maryland Bridges

We can also offer Maryland bridges, where a false tooth is put into place by having a framework bonded to the back of your teeth, holding it into place without having to cap adjacent teeth.

Wondering which type of dental bridge is right for you? Make an appointment with the dental office of Dr. Brian G. Sanford. Dr. Sanford has an excellent track record of satisfied patients with beautiful and healthy smiles. An expert in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, Dr. Sanford can help you explore available options to improve your smile.

Replace Missing Teeth

The sooner you replace a missing tooth, the better. Teeth can quickly shift when there are a gap and the pressure put on adjacent teeth can lead to cracks or split teeth. Dr. Sanford and his dental team can help you explore the best option for your situation.

We can also help with dental implants and dentures, in addition to the above options for dental bridges.

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